Flow-through technologies for simplifying multiplex biomarker testing.

At Axela, our goal is to simplify multiplex assays for clinical and diagnostic applications through automation and customization. Our flow-through platforms use the robust technologies of flow-through microarrays and diffractive optics sensors to accelerate the biomolecular interactions that occur during an assay, thereby reducing result times while providing the high sensitivity and reproducibility required in biomarker testing and clinical diagnostics. A summary of the capabilities of both platforms is given below:

Ziplex® System Diffractive Optics
Analytes Proteins or nucleic acids Proteins
Assay consumable Flow-Thru Microarray Diffractive Optics Sensor
Detection system End point (Chemiluminescence) Real time (Diffractive optics)
Multiplex ≤150 (proteins or nucleic acids)
≤12 (proteins with panelPlus™)
1-12 (with panelPlus™)
1-32 with Sensor Disk
Custom multiplex Yes, with panelPlus™ Yes, with panelPlus™
Automated assays Yes, only sample dilution is required for protein assays, standard RNA extraction and labelling for nucleic acids Yes, only sample dilution is required!
Total assay run time 30 (proteins) – 180 (nucleic acids) minutes 10 – 30 minutes
Samples per assay 8 1-8 (instrument model dependant)
Total hands on instrument time per run ≤20 minutes ≤10 minutes
Sample Type Serum, FFPE, swabs, lysates Serum, plasma, urine, stool, nasal swab, crude extracts, lysates or other complex matrices
Sample volume ≤ 5 uL ≤ 5 uL
Sensitivity Low pg/mL for proteins; femtomolar levels for oligos Low pg/mL
Dynamic range 4 logs 7 logs
% CV ≤ 5-15% ≤ 5-15%
Applications Targeted Discovery
Biomarker Verification
Panel Optimization
Panel Validation
Routine Customized Assays
Future Central Laboratory Testing
Assay Development
Panel Optimization
Panel Validation
Routine Customized Assays
Future Point of Use Applications