Custom Multiplex

Multiplex made simple!

With panelPlus™ technology, you can now easily create your own multiplex biomarker panels for use on either Axela’s flow through microarrays or diffractive optics sensors. Simply label the reagents for the biomarkers of your choice with a panelPlus™ Labeling Kit, and then apply them to a panelPlus™ microarray or sensor to give a uniquely customized multiplex panel. Combined with the efficiency and sensitivity of our flow through technologies, panelPlus™ can now provide a quicker route from assay development to clinical testing.

The technology uses unique oligonucleotide labels that are easily attached to biomarker reagents using a single, rapid reaction (< 1 hour) that requires no purification once it is complete. The oligonucleotide-conjugate is then directly applied to a panelPlus™ surface that expresses, at discrete locations, up to 12 different oligonucleotides that are complimentary to those in the labeling kits. Hybridization between the conjugate and the surface is rapid (approximately 15 minutes) with no detectable cross reactivity thereby creating a complete multiplex surface in very short time.

panelPlus™ advantages:

  • Easy to use labeling kits
  • Labeling reactions in less than an hour
  • No isolation or purification steps are required
  • No cross reactivity between labeled reagents and the panelPlus™ surface
  • Up to 12 kits are available capable of creating a 12-plex panel

Check out our latest panelPlus™ brochure for more about information.