At the center of our product line are instrument platforms designed for flow-through microarrays and diffractive optics detection of real time immunoassays. The Ziplex® and dotLab® mX Systems are supported by reagents and buffers optimized specially for use on these instruments as well as assay services that are available to help customers with their specific needs.

To view are list of reagents, please see our Catalogue page.

For our assay services, our experienced scientists will assist you with solutions to specific issues facing your assay development requirements including:

  • Custom TipChip microarray and diffractive optic sensor design and production
  • Specialized assay development
  • Data analysis
  • Specialized software updates

Please contact us directly at info@axela.com for more information on our assay services.

For information on our next generation diffractive optics platform, click here.