Flow-thru TipChips

Autograph Chip® Series

Autograph Chips (PN 26400-01) are custom arrays specifically designed for your research needs. Axela works directly with customers to design and create focused content arrays reproducibly and affordably. All custom arrays utilize the Flow-Thru Chip technology to enable faster reaction times and shorter time to results. Our in-house experts are all dedicated to provide high quality services and manufactured products that provide researchers maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness in focused gene or protein expression.

Xpress Chip™ Series

Xpress Chips contain gene expression panels for common pathways or disease processes utilized by clinical investigators for clinical research and in product development. The chips are used to assess the relative abundance of functionally related transcripts, and are designed to support the development of novel disease biomarkers with the goal of improved diagnostics and therapeutics.

Metabolic Xpress Chip

The Metabolic Xpress Chip (PN 26300-01) offers genes of interest for investigators exploring metabolic pathways. The Metabolic Xpress Chip can be used to investigate differential expression associated with diseases of the metabolic system, such as obesity, muscle disorders, and other metabolic disorders.

Colon Cancer Xpress Chip

The Colon Cancer Xpress Chip (PN 26302-01) array is a representation of crucial genes expressed in colorectal cancer tumors or cells and is a powerful tool to compare gene expression profiles in human colorectal carcinomas and normal colorectal tissue.

Breast Cancer Xpress Chip

The Breast Cancer Xpress Chip (PN 26301-01) enables differential gene expression analysis of breast cancer-related genes. The Breast Cancer Xpress Chip is a selection of genes expressed in breast cancer tumors or cells and is a powerful approach to study gene expression profiles in human breast carcinomas and normal breast tissue.

Inflammation Xpress Chip

Inflammation is a host response to a wide range of tissue injuries and disorders. It is associated with increased levels of cytokines, cytokine receptors, adhesion molecules and other immunoregulatory factors. The Inflammation Xpress Chip (PN 26303-01) is a powerful tool for the detection and quantification of inflammatory markers.

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