Welcome to the Axela Inc. website. We hope you will find the site informative and insightful whether you are a Customer, an Investor, a Clinical Partner or discovering Axela for the first time.

The new Axela, resulting from the merger of Axela Biosensors and Xceed Molecular, provides a powerful approach to DNA, RNA, and protein analysis that has the opportunity to revolutionize multiplex biomarker testing in clinical research and diagnostics. Axela’s commercial research products significantly improve the amount and quality of information derived from traditional assays. This approach shortens the time to result, greatly simplifies multiplexing, and provides access to unique categories of biomarkers that form a pipeline of future diagnostic offerings. The expanded company’s combined suite of tools and services enable new approaches to biomarker validation, disease diagnosis, and personalized medicine. Axela has a strong IP position, with more than 100 patents and applications owned or licensed worldwide.

The team at Axela will continue to work hard developing products which provide life sciences and clinical researchers with the tools and reagents they need to translate biomarker discoveries into robust clinical assays. We will continue our commitment to sell to and collaborate with researchers building a robust diagnostic pipeline and enhance our existing research product line.