Axela is a research tools company distinguished by proprietary technologies, a distinctive business model and a seasoned management team that has successfully commercialized many life science tools and diagnostic products in the past. The company’s diffractive optics technology and its flow-thru mircoarrays form the heart of a family of products will position the company as a leader in protein and gene analysis for today’s researchers in clinical, discovery and protein research. 

The company has a number of ongoing collaborations which have generated data in the areas of cardiology, oncology, infectious disease and vaccine immune response that have the potential to address large, underserved diagnostic markets. The company is currently participating in several sponsor-funded clinical trials.

We are currently proud to have some of the following committed investors:

  • Kimberlay-Clark
  • VenGrowth
  • MMV Financials
  • MDC Partners
  • Investment Saskatchewan

For Investor inquiries, please contact:

Axela Inc.
50 Ronson Drive
Suite 105
Toronto, ON M9W 1B3

Phone: 416-798-1625
Toll Free: 866-94-AXELA (29352)
Fax: 416-798-8635

No email inquiries, please.