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Axela offers a unique portfolio of next generation, commercial stage, multiplex tools that provide enhanced analysis of proteins, DNA and RNA. Our suite of products are specifically targeted at biomarker testing and infectious disease research and designed to facilitate the transition to personalized medicine. They are commercialized through distributors in the Life Sciences and Clinical Research markets, and specific applications are licensed to diagnostic or industry segment partners. Our product line consists of instruments, consumable (sensors, chips and reagents) and applications (biomarker content, methods for analysis and software).


Axela, Inc. (previously Axela Biosensors, Inc.) was spun out of the University of Toronto in 2001 to commercialize diffractive optics technology that offered researchers a simple and rapid approach to understanding protein interactions and develop quantitative assays on a single platform. In 2006, the company launched its first commercial system, the dotLab, for real-time protein interaction analysis, and in the following year it was recognized by Frost and Sullivan with the Protein Assays Innovation Award for North America. In 2008, the company was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 10 Life Science Companies followed in 2010 by The Biotechnology Initiative (TBI) Company of the Year Award.

Also in 2010, Axela acquired Toronto-based Xceed Molecular, a pioneer in the development of easy-to-use gene expression analysis systems along with its ISO13485 certified manufacturing facility. Xceed’s Ziplex Automated Gene Expression System was recognized with the prestigious R&D Award in 2008. Together, the dotLab and the Ziplex systems offer a complete package of tools suitable for clinical and diagnostic researchers focused on translating the discoveries of novel disease biomarkers into routine clinical tests. The utility of Axela’s suite of instruments has been demonstrated through partnerships with leading academic researchers at institutions in North America and Europe and by commercial partnerships with established diagnostic companies

The expanded Axela provides powerful approaches to DNA, RNA, and protein analysis that have the potential to revolutionize multiplex biomarker testing in clinical research and diagnostics. Axela’s commercial research products significantly improve the amount and quality of information derived from traditional assays. This approach shortens the time to result, greatly simplifies multiplexing, and provides access to unique categories of biomarkers that form a pipeline of future diagnostic offerings. The company’s combined suite of tools and services enable new approaches to biomarker validation, disease diagnosis, and personalized medicine. Axela has a strong IP position, with more than 100 patents and applications owned or licensed worldwide.